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Krystelle Celestino Wurtz, owner of Krystelle Creations, is a passionate Filipino-Canadian artist who proudly calls Calgary, Alberta, Canada, her home. She fully embraces the artistic process, finding joy in the experience, embracing the inherent messiness, and cherishing the symbolic nature of painting.

Painting has become an integral part of Krystelle's life, serving as a medium for reflection, emotional expression, and a platform to voice her thoughts and creative ideas. As the founder of Krystelle Creations, she specializes in nurturing stories and collaborating with individuals to create paintings that authentically reflect their unique narratives.

In the collaborative process, Krystelle ensures that each artwork captures the essence of the individual's story through thoughtful elements and symbols. As a live community painter, her strengths lie in connecting, engaging, and nurturing others to join in the creative journey together.

Krystelle extends her artistic services to a variety of events, including personal milestones, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings. In addition to live painting, she hosts and teaches workshops as well as private lessons, aiming to inspire, nurture, and empower others to discover and express their own creative voices.

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